Ella Ames is a freelance writer living in Grover Beach, California, where you can see your tax dollars at work on a daily basis via drug busts and car chases. She loves a good sentence, happy hour and racial, gender and social equality.

A California native, Ella’s lived in Scotland, Italy, Thailand, and England, and wishes that list was much longer (and included Genovia).

She has a master of arts degree in psychology and philosophy from the University of Dundee in Scotland, where she was editor-in-chief of The Magdalen, the university’s monthly magazine. Which involved spending copious amounts of time in a coat check turned media hub and defending contributors from angsty art school students who don’t appreciate satire.

Her accomplishments abroad include a string of bar jobs, and playing a key role in intoxicating the underaged over(fake)tanned Scottish population.

Most recently she worked for The Tribune, a newspaper on the Central Coast of California, where she asked business owners lots of personal questions about their finances, and covered stories including a very expensive Burger King prank call, hard-hitting news about what the pope drinks mid-flight, and that time a bottle of hot sauce, men’s briefs and some women’s stockings prompted the FBI and a Hazmat Team to shut down a Grover Beach street.

Ella’s written articles, stories, plays, poems, and her fair share of Dear John letters.

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